Cylinder Mowers

Cylinder Verses Rotary Mower.
Why an Allett cylinder mower is the obvious choice.
Rotary mowers rely on a high speed rotating blade to cut the grass like a machete with a rough finish. With a Cylinder mower each blade of grass is precisely cut with a scissor-like action between the spinning cylinder blades creating the perfect striped lawn.
Precision cutting.....A cylinder mower cuts using a series of sharp spiral rotating blades producing a precision, scissor-like cutting action.
Quality stripes:.....The substantial front and rear rollers on an Allett Cylinder Mower means the grass is mown then immediately rolled. This creates the attractive and crisp light and dark stripes.
Prevents scalping:.....The front and rear rollers on an Allett Cylinder Mower run close to the point at which the grass is cut. This allows very low heights of cut to be achieved accurately without scalping. .
No wheel marks:.....On expansive lawns,a large capacity cylinder mower applies an even downward pressure as it moves across the surface of the lawn,leaving no wheel marks whilst minimising compaction.
Grass box access:.....An Allett Cylinder Mower grass box is located at the front of the machine, which means you can see how much grass is being cut and how well the mower is cutting.